A pattern maker is more or less a magician.

Equipped with the powers to translate vision into form.

pattern maker mannequins

A great designer speaks from the culture and trends of the time. They set the direction. They are the head, and the pattern maker is their hands.

We’re pattern makers. Our job is to take their ideas and translate them into the 3D world.

Pattern making services

We offer solutions to everyone from established fashion labels and 

start-up brands needing a hand with their seasonal collection, to fashion students and home sewing enthusiasts looking for a one-off pattern:

- pattern development from sketch, image, sample or measurement chart

- grading using any international or custom grade rules

- marker creation and plotting

- tech packs for offshore production

All the above can be achieved with patterns provided by the client, or by using any pattern blocks from our extensive, tried and tested base block library.

Pattern conversion is usually a seamless experience, but please get in touch to discuss further.

We’re based in Melbourne but working with digital patterns enables us the incredible luxury to work with amazing clients from all around the world. 

digital sewing patterns printed

Fit consultancy

A well-fitting, flattering garment doesn’t just give instant confidence to the wearer, but also builds brand trust which leads to increased sales and less returns.

With the growing space of online shopping, comfort, great fit and size consistency are invaluable assets for every brand.

We’re passionately creating garments that balance comfort and style, specific to each client.

Even if the original pattern wasn’t developed by us, we can lend a hand with complex alterations and fit improvement.

Our broad and diverse fitting experience allows us to recommend adjustments regarding the overall balance of 

the garment, sizing inconsistency, or targeted areas such as armholes, crotch or bust shaping.

Custom pattern blocks

custom pattern blocks
We’re here for the innovators. 

The disruptors. 

The out-of-the-box thinkers, who come up with revolutionary designs and solutions.

For labels catering to a special niche, we offer custom pattern making, such as:

- setting up unique grade rules

- developing a brand-specific block library

- establishing new construction methods


           Base block library

sewing pattern catalogue front page - technical drawings

Downloadable sewing patterns are a dime a dozen but well-fitting, tested, industry-approved pattern blocks are very hard to come by.

We wanted to share our most used blocks, our core pattern library we’ve been using for various clients all around the world for the better part of 2 decades.

Every pattern is arranged into a package including compatible variations of sleeves, pockets or collars. 

Mix and match these design elements to create dozens of pattern combinations with ease.

These blocks are a great solution for fashion labels to build or revamp 

the foundations and create a cohesive and consistent pattern library.

They’re also recommended for fashion students, crafting gurus or modern makers looking for reliable sewing patterns for their next project. 

Each pattern includes a beginner-friendly illustrated step-by-step sewing guide, cutting tips and a rundown on the basic seams and finishes.

We're expanding our freshly launched pattern library with weekly new releases!

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Why us

15+ years industry experience with focus on premium womenswear

Our quality promise: alterations included in the initial pattern price

Complementary access to our industry-approved base pattern library

Extensive fabric and construction knowledge

Experience with international sizing, remote solutions

Handling every client with the utmost confidentiality 

Contact us

If you have a question or would like to work together, please get in touch via the below form or send us an email at hello@thepatternatelier.com.

To be able to provide the most accurate quote, please don’t forget to include as much detail as possible about your project, including sketches/images/measurements.

Please note, we’re only taking on new clients in the womenswear category at the moment.